Violin and Viola (Live,Studio)

I am good for both live shows and recording sessions. I've done many album recording for songwriters in the US. I've performed with some highly respected musicians at some of the large arenas but I love playing at any venues for many occasion.


  • Dolby (Kodak) Theatre
  • Nokia Live
  • Lincoln Center
  • Honda Center
  • Cricket Amphitheater
  • Gibson Amphitheater
  • Mandalay Bay
  • Planet Hollywood
  • US Airways Arena
  • Verizon Amphitheater
  • Hollywood Bowl
  • Disney Hall
  • Knotts Berry Farm
  • Canyon Club
  • Savan Theatre
  • House of Blues (Boston, Hollywood)

  • Lil Wayne
  • Marco Antonio Solis
  • Pat Boone
  • Christian McBride
  • Tony Benett
  • Stevie Wonder
  • Take 5
  • Marc O'Conner
  • John Clayton
  • Marc Anthony
  • Telence Blanchard
  • Rick Springfield
  • The Used

  • John William
  • Patrick William
  • Jerry Goldsmith
  • David Raskin
  • Tim Janis
  • Yoav Goren
String Arrangement

Currently I use Finale and Cubase to work on the string arrangements. I've done over 1200 string arrangements for online productions, and various movie trailer catalogs and, many other songwriters' albums.


  • Vitamin Records - Still Strung Out on U2 vol.2 (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Tribute to Fiona Apple (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Strung Out on Bad Religion (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Strung Out on Seether (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Tribute to Rob Thomas (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Strung Out on Simple Plan (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Tribute to Santana (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Tribute to Phish (Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - See Ya! The Graduation (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - The Tribute to Guitar Hero (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Vitamin Records - Modern Wedding Collection (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • GIA Publishing - Chris De Silva - Eternal (Violin)
  • GIA Publishing - Chris De Silva - Belong (Violin)
  • OX Blood - Ryan Hanifl, trailer catalog (Arranger,Violin)
  • Studio Pros Inc. - Not credited, employed (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Immediate Music - Solo Violin Catalog (Violin)
  • Jeff Lewis Film - Casualties (2009)(Composer)
  • Jeff Lewis Film - Try Again (2012)(Composer)
  • Alu Music - Last Lullaby (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Alu Music - Robotomy Session (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Alu Music - Madhouse Masquerade (Arranger, Engineer, Violin)
  • Selectracks - Music Catalog (Arranger, Violin)
  • 5 Alarm Music - Music Catalog (Arranger, Violin)
  • Beta Petrol - Music Catalog (Arranger, Violin)
  • Clutch Music - Music Catalog (Arranger, Violin)
  • DL Music - Music Catalog (Arranger, Violin)
  • NBC Universal Music Television - Music Catalog (Arranger, Violin)
  • The Used - Album title TBA (Arranger, Viola)
  • Rick Springfield - Album title TBA (Violin, Viola)
  • Willodean - EP Life & Limbo (Violin)
  • The Gin Pennies - Album the Gin Pennies (Violin)

Live Sound / Audio Tech

I consult and install sound reinforcement system for churches and small music venues. My technique for live sound is unique due to my strong music background. I setup and operate live concerts differently based on the style of music. Also, I understand as a performer point of view of how the stage sound and looks. You are in a good hand.


  • Granada Heights Friends Church
  • Anaheim First Presbyterian Church
  • Viva Cantina
  • La Mirada Carnival (Battle of Bands)
  • W Hotel Living Room
  • Collection at Riverpark Oxnard
  • Tucker Mix Studio